The Norden Aquavit Story

We spent years researching, traveling, tasting, blending, mixing, and drinking until the sun came up, until we got it right. What we share today is our modern interpretation of classic caraway-forward Aquavit, perfectly balanced by the essences of each ingredient. The flavor profile is citrusy with just the right dose of herbal subtleties and floral notes.

Inspired by the thousands of miles of blue coastline around us, the untouched stretches of wilderness and rich agricultural lands that provide for us, we're proud to create in and from the Great Lakes region.

The Botanicals


Our Process

NORDEN AQUAVIT is crafted in an alembic copper pot-still using age-old traditional methods. Made with 100% ORGANIC Midwest grain spirits and pure Michigan water as the base, our spirit comes alive from the 10 botanicals found in each bottle. Whether foraged locally, or sourced from the best providers around the world, we chose each one for its outstanding flavor and aromatic qualities. Every botanical is checked, weighed, and prepped by hand before a slow and exacting distillation. Each one lends an important piece to the equation which is why the exact quantities remain a closely guarded secret.